ONE-MAN: The Liberation Project

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Preach R Sun

Mission Statement


I am a self-proclaimed fugitive. Which means I'm, a brazenly subversive and iconoclastic malcontent, on a mission to escape all boxes that circumscribe my being. Fugitivism is the name I've adopted to describe my purpose and voice. My work is informed by, struggle; and driven by a fervent desire for authentic liberation and social change. The word radical is defined as, grasping the root. As such Fugitivism is the radical process and praxis of action and expression. A process that requires the individual to find the essence of their own truth and voice. In order to, find the authentic self, one must cast aside all fear, doubt and shame; relinquish all standards and societal expectations -- embrace your own power and speak your truth. You see the ultimate purpose of fugitivism is LIBERATION. Liberation of the individual as well as that of the masses; we must dare to unlock and awaken the radical spirit inside of us in order, to re-member ourselves anew...TRULY FREE.       

Fugitivism therefore demands that we challenge all, conventional standards, beliefs, thoughts and practices, that we now uphold as sacred. Vandalize all temples condemn all hierarchies and curse all (dead) pretentious, pseudo intellectual and elitist driven, philosophies. Abandon all previously learned or accepted practices and methodologies. We must, “by any means necessary”, conjure and liberate that radical, and authentic, voice; that lies dormant in the soul of, each, and every individual. We must liberate ourselves from all (boxes and labels) that preclude us from -- truly living and being -- shaping and or defining ourselves, and our existence; on our own terms.  Fugitivism, as such, is the radical practice of accepting nothing and questioning everything. It is the effort to find one’s true voice and foment authentic and radical expression that reflects the true individual perspective. Fugitivism is an idea born, albeit perhaps quixotically, out of the notion that it only takes one (life, soul, voice) to sow the seeds of liberation and change.   

i am not an artist. I’m a conjurer and freedom is my praxis. i speak from soul. i am exorcising demons and revealing them to you. i am exposing the human pain body. i am a conjurer. My magic alters. My magic wages death on old worlds and calls a new world to life. i am a criminal; a fugitive. My crimes are iconoclasm and liberation. i am the pitch black that met the vicissitudinous gaze of, each, and every doubting runaway slave who found themselves staring down the double barrel of Black Moses’ shotgun. i am the ghost of there is no turning back; the spirit of, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! No, i am not an artist and this is not art. i am casting spells.  i am ONE-MAN. i am a fugitive and my mission and purpose is not to create beautiful works of art... My mission is FREEDOM.