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Preach R Sun

Frankenstein’s Monster (Made in AmeriKKKa)....

Frankenstein’s Monster (Made in AmeriKKKa): Portrait of an AmeriKKKan Family, was a public action performed in Charleston, South Carolina — ground zero for AmeriKKKa's tragic history of slavery — on July 4th 2019.

One-Bytes: The Freedom Files

Nigger Zoo (2018) 

Waterloo, Iowa (Vertigo | Waterloo Center For Arts) 

Video: Chawne 

For Whites Only (2016)

JFK InterInternational Airport 

Video: Erik (Hoke) Hokanson

I Have A Dream (2015) 

Brooklyn, NY 

Video: David Ian Griess 

Frankenstein’s Monster: Made in AmeriKKKa (2018) 

Dhaka, Bangladesh (18th Asian Art Biennale) 

Video: Arif Amin 

Blood-n-Brothers (2013) 

New York City 

Video: Arthur Fischer 

The Wake: Reclamation of the Black Fist (2016) 

Detroit, Michigan 

Video: Matthew Daher 

Lord of Flies: Coronation (2017) 

Birmingham, England (Fierce Festival) 

Video: Rachel Bunch